State Of The Art Warehouse Management

Helping your goods preserve their maximum shelf life

Established in 2013, Advanced Storage Co. uses cutting-edge technology and expertise to provide third party logistics services for the food industry. Maintaining highest quality standards and professional competency, Advanced Storage Co. provides a range of storage solutions from freezing, chiller and ambient storing. Through our 3PL services to Saudi and international manufacturers we help streamline supply chains by providing cost-effective and efficient storage solutions.

Advanced Storage Co. is here to offer not just storage, but a total end-to-end system-driven logistics solution to save you time and money while also encouraging your business’ growth. We are committed to offering our capacities and capabilities and adapting in real-time with absolute transparency to service your business goals. (SCADA individual room temperature control and QC)

Growing from a 5000 sq mt plot with 1 warehouse with 3000 pallet locations in 2013 to our current 4 warehouses on 46000 sq mt with an impressive total of 41000 pallet locations in 2023.



Established in 2013, the Advanced Storage Co expanding to new horizons established its first site on a land plot of 5,000 sq with a 3,000-pallet capacity in Riyadh.


Project 2

In 2015 we commenced our second project warehouses over an area of 5,000 sq. meters and storage capacity of 4,000 pallets in Riyadh.


Project 3

In 2019, we established our third project a very high specification facility over an of area of 15,000 sq. meters having 13,000 pallets spaces and fully supported with a world class WMS system designed for the cold chain industry in Riyadh.


Project 4

Early in 2022, we expanded further in the Al-Khumrah district of Jeddah to build a state-of-the-art cold chain facility on an area of 21,000 sq. meters with an outstanding storage capacity of 22,000 pallets.


Current Projects

Current expansion plans include additional facilities in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam.



Establishing our position as the ultimate experts in the storage and distribution of food product in the domestic market and to support the export of Saudi manufactured food products in the Kingdom.



"To be one of the leading end to end logistic services supporting the kingdom’s food industries.
To have a world class cold chain facility in all KSA, ASCO presence in the cities supporting a population in excess of 400,000 citizens."

advanced storage

Our Values

We are a thinking and learning corporation, always inspiring to better ourselves so we can serve our clients with the best services.


Advanced Storage Co. has a team of industry experts across the business to ensure strict compliance with government legislation as well as the correct and safe handling of all food products from end to end.


Our team of multicultural professionals in process and IT system driven to provide the highest level of service to support our valued clients.


We recognize the importance of forming a long-term trusted relationship with our valued clients and all of our employees.

A Specialized Approach

Our skilled professionals understand the need for efficient and personalized warehousing management in Saudi Arabia. They join forces based on international standards and innovative technology to provide the best possible customer experience.

  • ISO 45001:2018 / ISO 9001:2015 QMS in Safety of Food
  • Licensed by Saudi Food and Drug Authority Licenses: Riyadh - WL 2019-FO-0178 / Jeddah - WL 2022-FO-0509
  • Municipality health accreditation for all operational staff
  • MODON License No.: OLC-23-08-30003144
  • Civil Defense License No.: 44-000956229-2
  • Biometric labour management system for increased labor efficiency
  • Food safety standards including food medical certification of all staff in all warehouses
  • A full internal QA policy which includes regular inspection and sanitation
  • By use of a multi shift approach we can provide a shortened last-mile delivery time
  • Cold chain supply experts with decades of experience
  • Individual temperature-controlled chambers with real time technology
  • A full suite of system generated reports tailored to client requirements including the facility to store online all the associated documentation