State Of The Art Warehouse Management

Helping your goods preserve their maximum shelf life

Established in 2013, Advanced Storage Co. uses cutting-edge technology and expertise to provide third party logistics services for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Maintaining highest quality standards and professional competency, Advanced Storage Co. provides a range of storage solutions from cooling and freezing to dry storing. Through our 3 PL services to Saudi manufacturers we help streamline supply chains by providing cost-effective and efficient storage solutions.

Advanced Storage Co. is here to offer not just storage, but storage done to save you time and money while also encouraging your business’ growth. We are committed to offering our capacities and capabilities, and adapting in real-time with absolute transparency to service your business goals.

Expanding to Newer Horizons

In an area of 5,000 sq. meters with 3,000 pallets capacity.



Established in 2013, the Advanced Storage Co. is the first project of cold and freezer warehouses over a 5,000 sq. meters land with 3,000 pallets capacity.


Project 2

In 2015 we commenced The Big Second Project Warehouses over an area of 5,000 sq. meters and storage capacity of 4,000 pallets.


Project 3

Established highly specialized storage units on 15,000 sq. meters area with 13,000 pallets having top-notch technology.


Project 4

On a 21,000 square meter site, highly specialized and equipped storage facility with 22,000 pallets and the greatest technology were established.



Establishing our position as the ultimate experts in storage of food and medicinal materials in the Kingdom by offering the highest quality standards paired with utmost reliability.



Becoming the number one name at integrative consolidation for foodstuff and pharmaceuticals with the latest technology, spread all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

advanced storage

Our Values

We are a thinking and learning corporation, always inspiring to better ourselves so we can serve our clients with the best services.


Advanced Storage Co. is made up of industry experts in storage logistics - leading by example to be among the top 3 PL service providers in the Kingdom.


Our team of professionals is driven and dynamic - working tirelessly to improve and inspire the youth of today for a better future for Saudi Arabia.


We recognize the importance of forming trusted relationships with our clients and our employees - so we can work in collaboration to offer an elevated customer experience.

A Specialized Approach

Our skilled professionals understand the need for efficient and personalized warehousing management in Saudi Arabia. They join forces with international codes and innovative technology to ensure an improved customer experience.

  • ISO 22000-2005 in Safety of Food
  • Licensed by Saudi Food and Drug Authority
  • Labor management system for increased labor efficiency
  • Highest grade food safety standards maintained in warehouses
  • Regular inspection and sanitation
  • Shortened last-mile delivery times
  • Supply Chain experts with decades of experience
  • Controlled temperature with high accuracy as per required
  • Prompt documentation and records maintained