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Bespoke Facilities For Effective Storage

Advanced Storage Co. is your gateway to the world of expert 3PL services with advanced storage facilities. With fully equipped warehouses strategically located in the Kingdom, we offer the optimal solution for efficient storage of FMCG products.


It is a true privilege for anybody to reside in the Blessed Land of the Two Holy Mosques and enjoy all its blessings. It’s an even bigger privilege to be given the opportunity to conduct respectful business here for improving lives of our citizens.

Over the past 8+ years, Advanced Storage Co. has continued to grow and establish itself as experts in warehousing solutions. By the grace of Allah, we have earned the trust of major food companies.


“We will do it better, faster and at a fair price”

Commitment to maintaining high quality storage services that exceed your expectations.

Facilitating food and medicinal businesses all across the country by further expansions as per needs of the market.

 High value 3PL services pertaining to storage at competitive prices.

A Specialised

Our skilled professionals understand the need for efficient and personalized warehousing management in Saudi Arabia. They join forces with international codes and innovative technology to ensure an improved customer experience.

  • ISO 22000-2005 in Safety of Food.
  • Licensed by Saudi Food and Drug Authority.
  • Labor management system for increased labor efficiency.
We believe businessmen have an essential role in the development of this great Kingdom. To play our part, we align our goals with Saudi Vision 2030 by

Diversifying our economy and providing services that meet international standards.

Becoming the top company to launch and develop 3 PL services for food and medicine, while upholding highest quality and competitive prices.

Improving the Quality Of Life by offering safe and hygienic food storage for our people.

Converting food and pharmaceutical companies to local storage spaces.

Creating new job opportunities for the Saudi youth.

our Services

Customizable Warehousing

To offer our client’s the very best of warehouse management, we are currently operating three dry and


Warehouse Management System - WMS

Our highly efficient, radio frequency linked WMS has the capacity to operate 24 hours, allowing us the flex


Stock Management

Advanced Storage Co. conducts daily cycle counts on high security items and location accuracy tracking. Our


Safety and Security

Our security experts are vigilant 24/7x365, ensuring maximum safety of all storage; aided by thermal camera


Quality Management

By following thorough inbound and outbound strategies and offering on-request, standardized KPI measurement


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